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Who’s Sleeping?


It has been contemplated by many Church leaders and theologians that when they read the passage on Christ sleeping in the same boat His disciples were trying to salvage in the middle of a storm, they see the same boat in the world or the Church going through chaos and tribulations, and we feel our Lord and God, our Creator, is sleeping peacefully in the middle of these troubles.

Lord, why are you sleeping?  When will You wake up?

And yet, we may forget, we too sleep when our Lord and Creator is going through suffering Himself.  And God stands there, even asking just one hour (Matthew 26:40), let alone unceasing prayer!  At the time when God grants us salvation, even on a Cross up on high, the crucified God might look down upon us and ask,

Why are you sleeping?  When will you wake up?

It seems to be a matter of perspective.  One can concentrate on the troubles of the world, and blame it all on God.  God then takes these troubles upon Himself, and we are able to sleep soundly.  And when we wake up, the cycle repeats itself.  Our minds concentrate too much on the physical and likes to blame God, or even get to the point where we lose faith in His existence.  Why should I believe in God when all these evils occur?

And yet, if we truly wake up, not physically, but spiritually, beholding divinity in all its incomprehensible glory, then will the answer be given.  It is still an incomplete answer.  But it nonetheless makes sense of the world, not by shining on it our own created understanding, but the uncreated Light.

When will we wake up indeed?  People suffer and we are still asleep, because our answers without God lead to the futility of the sufferers.  No matter what we do WITHOUT GOD, people suffer.

But the mystery is this:  there are those who on the outside suffer, but on the inside have incomprehensible joy.  Whatever, or Whoever dwells in them is the answer, and the key to “wake up”.  And while we find them crucified on His Cross, it is they who heal our suffering, not the other way around.

The contrast therefore is this:  Without God, people suffer to their own destruction.  With Christ, people suffer to their own salvation!  I cannot see anyway else around this.

And then we too, the believers, can also realize that Christ was and IS always awake, even when He was physically asleep in that chaotic boat.

Praise God in His saints, the truly awake!



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