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Rehabilitating Origen


In my endless approach to do “commentaries” on ancient Church fathers, I have not even half-way finished with the first one I started, which is St. Clement of Rome. Yet, I cannot contain myself to show that I am a huge fan of “Saint” Origen. I wish perhaps to give a letter to our Coptic Pope on the idea to create an Orthodox feast of “All Deans’ Day” (like “All Saints’ Day” or “All Martyrs’ Day” in our respective Orthodox traditions), where if at the very least we cannot venerate Origen, we can indirectly venerate all the Deans of the Church of Alexandria, from Pope St. Justus all the way to Archdeacon St. Habib Girgis.

Holy and Blessed martyr Origen, pray for us all!

Eclectic Orthodoxy

David Bentley Hart is his own man, with his own distinctive voice and writing style—and thank God for that. His theological writings have been described as brilliant, incisive, penetrating, trenchant, over-blown, outrageous. He is impossible to pigeon-hole. He has read deeply in the Church Fathers, yet his theology can hardly be described as mere repetition of ancient views. He is a communicant of the Orthodox Church, yet his fellow Eastern theologians pay him little attention. One reviewer of his Beauty of the Infinite complained that the book is not Orthodox theology. Hart characteristically replied:

Of course it is. Admittedly it does not much resemble the sort of ‘neo-Palamite’, ‘neo-patristic’ books which have dominated Eastern theology since the middle of the last century, when the great ressourcements movement that has done so much to define modern Orthodoxy was inaugurated. But Orthodox theology has taken many forms over the centuries—mystical, scholastic, mystagogical…

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