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Finding the Cecil in Human Justice


I just read two Christianity Today articles that are so diametrically opposed to each other:

Carey Lodge and Rio Ribaya

I almost feel I need to say something provocative in hyperbole like, “May God kill all the lions so that humans may have something more dignifying to fight for.”  In fact, may God kill all the species so that we can be healthy vegetarians and maybe start spending more money on human causes and needs.

My problem is with Carey Lodge’s article.  It is so utterly stupid, I cannot contain myself at her stupidity.  Her biggest argument is “choosing between feeding the hungry or telling them about Jesus.”  “Why not both?”

I will give two reasons “why not both:”

1. Because people are incapable of doing both.  Yes, I said it.  While there are good people around who in their consistency hates animal poaching and human injustice, there are others who find themselves more drawn against animal poaching.  Lodge contends that “outrage” won’t achieve anything.  But guess what?  Apparently the cause for Cecil ruined the life of Cecil’s killer.  I joked with my friend that the only way this dentist is going to make a living is move to the deep gun-worshipping south and open the office there, where people will sympathize with him.  However, the outrage of the people was so great, not only were there threatenings for his life, but now the federal authority is searching him out for a possibility for him to be tried in Zimbabwe for poaching illegalities, or at the very least for illegalities of his own.  Let’s be clear, I think the people’s outrage is affective, and Lodge is stupid for not seeing that.

2.  Because Ribaya said it best.  How many times have I seen Jimmy Kimmel get choked up for black lives who are unjustly arrested or killed?  How many times have people gotten crazy outraged against the extremist words of Anjem Chaudary over his support for ISIS?  How many times have people gotten outraged enough at our government for not doing enough for Mid East Christians, for North Koreans, for Tibetans, for many lives in Africa?  Of course they do not condone the killing and persecution of humans, but they don’t get choked up about it and outraged about not nearly as effective as the one for Cecil.

In my last political post concerning, I wrote about how many retarded Republicans are voting for Trump.  Now, we have seen retarded Democrats and liberals weeping and gnashing their teeth over the death of Cecil the Lion and ignoring the cries of a good fraction of the world’s human lives.  Cecil the Lion’s death has become akin to the Quran burning and the Mohamed cartoon violent reactions we have seen, not unlike as well the reaction of second amendment worshippers against gun control.

But a stupid person like Lodge may probably challenge my irate reaction and ask, “So you would rather feed the poor than tell the poor about Jesus?”  This is the problem with Protestant stupidity and why the political atmosphere encourages retarded people to give birth to more retarded people.  “You believe in one God?  GOOD!  Even the demons believe and shudder!” (James 2:19).  You can be the best theologian, and know the deepest secrets of the knowledge of God, so much so that your faith may move mountains, but without love, you are no better than Satan Himself!  Christ would probably tell Carey Lodge “Get behind me Satan!”  She is one person who should repent from her idiocy.

For what good is that the hungry hear about Christ and not receive their sustenance?  In this manner, I have caused them to blaspheme the name of Christ, because I made Christ equal to a tyrant.  Christ will then ask me to pay for their punishment while I linger in the depths of hell for not saving their own hungry bodies, for even though they blasphemed Christ, I will not be surprised if Christ takes them up into His Kingdom.  Feed the hungry first, then tell them about Christ, if they desire to.  And if you can, make yourself known as a devout Christian, so that when you feed the hungry, the feeding itself equates to telling them about Christ.  Christ fed us all, we who are truly poor and bereft of divine grace, with the riches of His divine glory.  Feeding the poor IS telling them about Christ.  Here, as Jesus gave Himself for me as food for my soul, so now, my dear brother or sister in Christ, take this food that I am willing to give to you.  That is the gospel!  When they are rejuvenated, then you can make them understand the Resurrection.

But if you feed them and they ran off not wanting to hear about Jesus, at least you fed them.  But do not blame them for walking off.  Blame yourself for not making yourself look Christian enough.  Carry your cross and be modest in your clothing.  Then you truly already told them about Christ when you give them food, for now they know these believers in Christ feed without condition, without asking you to wait and listen for the gospel, without forcing the gospel down their throats while they open their mouths desperately for food.

The whole human race needs to learn to be outraged at the injustices against world’s humans.  We need to go “feed the poor”, whether they be the black lives who are constantly abused surreptitiously under our judicial system, as well as all people around the world who are constantly abused or persecuted, implicitly or explicitly.  And Christ made no exceptions to this rule.  “Love thy enemies”, lest you have some pent-up hatred for someone who you might see is obviously being dealt with unjustly, that person also, you should love and be outraged for, a hundred times more outrage than for an animal!

“…choosing between feeding the hungry or telling them about Jesus.  Why not both?”  May these words go to hell where they came from.

Lord Jesus have mercy!


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  1. Mina says:

    Wesley Smith in the AFR podcast “Human Exceptionalism” talks about animal welfare vs. animal rights, putting to good perspective the erroneous view of “animal rights” and sets right to the idea of “animal welfare”, where it is not about the animal, but about the human moral compass:


    The underlying philosophical underpinnings is well said. It is one thing to be disgusted at what happened and acknowledge it is wrong. But that is not and should not be equated with the disgust of what happens to humans. The outrage that occurred is under the delusional aspect of “animal rights”, and many people have even threatened to kill and pouch the dentist as if he was a “murderer” in the same sense any other murderer is. This kind of outrage should have never occurred, or at the very least, there should have been more outrage in other areas that is more morally vexing. You “can’t do both”; you have to do more on one issue than another.


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