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Random Thought: Imagination and Existence


“The Matrix”, picture from http://www.riskreversal.com/2015/05/04/morningword-5415-a-financial-matrix/

The brain is a wonderful organ.  When we dream at night during sleep, or just day dream even on a whole different world in our mind, it becomes imagined in a sense that it feels real, but we know it is not.  And yet it is so intrinsically important to our human nature that disorders of psychoses have plagued those who cannot differentiate between imaginary and real, and both worlds get mixed in some way in the person’s brain.  Mathematicians have even turned what seems to not exist in mathematics, the square root of negative one, into an actual concept that is fundamentally important in many of our real-world applications, “i”, the “imaginary number”.  How is that something “imaginary” is so real for us?  Many neurobiologists believe that our brains is nothing more than a very complicated organic motherboard in a computer.  Many scientists have even speculated that maybe our imaginations are no different than ourselves.  We may be all living an illusory world, a world similar to the movie “The Matrix”, where we are just a gigantic cosmological quantum computer program that can be simulated.

That theory also makes me wonder.  We seem to be by nature “illusory” indeed.  Everything we imagine does not exist because we are made out of this same “non-existence”.  However, there is one thing we “imagine” that truly can exist in us.  The Programmer and Creator Himself.  If we imagine Him, all the programs that we see “existing” around us can make more sense.  Without Him, then all this programmable cosmos becomes vain, and we then truly think of ourselves as the most pitiable.  If you think of things as a program, you cannot but think of the programmer in all of us.  Even if the programs we are part of seem self-sufficient, it is only because the Programmer wanted it that way.  He poured out His love into creating us and giving us the capability of being programmers ourselves.

And so the mind is a powerful part of us indeed.  For it is the same place we both have our wild imaginations and record all that is in reality in front of us, all in the same place.  In that same place too we imagine our Creator, Who we do not know what He looks like, but we do know He is beyond our capability to comprehend Him.  But as soon as we imagine Him in a realistic sense, He becomes real, not imaginary like us.  We may be by our natures “non-existence” brought into the illusion of existence, but He is existence Himself, and our imagining of Him, which is impossible, brings our “existence” into light.

And He brought Himself into our world so that in imagining Him, we imagine what is beyond our capabilities and brought up to His level of existence.  We may master the program within the program.  But to be with the programmer because of His infinite love for us is something beyond joy for us.  If there was no programmer, we would feel as if this program was a shackle, rather than a way to build for Him a home, nay, a Kingdom of eternal joy.  And so He sends the Architect of His program, His divine Image, His Mind, His Logos, so that in Him, we may be a fulfilled program of His will, rather than a program that wants to self-destruct, as we often accomplish in this world.  This Architect inscribes in us His Divine Blueprint, the Divine Imaginitive Spirit Himself, who makes our imaginations in Him come to Life, because He seated Himself within our imaginative agent, our soul.

Therefore, in imagining any other thing, we confess that it is merely non-existent, because that is what we are by nature.  But in imagining our Lord, something different occurs.  He exists and is real in us, because He is real beyond us.  It brings truth to the psalm:  “in His Light shall we see Light”.  We cannot see the Programmer Himself unless the Programmer Himself is in us in our souls.  I pray many atheists stop assuming a self-sufficient program that programmed itself, but open their minds to the Programmer to shine His divine uncreated light in them and enlighten them to “see” His Godhead in all things in the cosmos.

Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, both now and ever and unto the ages of all ages.  Amen!


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